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The Teaching Home E-Mail Newsletter #83
Information, Inspiration, and Encouragement

July 7, 2004  /  Cindy Short and Sue Welch, editors
You are welcome to forward this newsletter in its entirety.

     Finishing the Course:  College at Home
          Advantages of Continuing To Home School
          When To Start
          Motivation and Accountability
          Earning College Credits or a Degree at Home
          College at Home Resources
     Recommended Resources
          Marvelous Math Software
          "College at Home Handbook"
          "The Third Alternative: Christian Self-Government"
          Alexio IntelliPortfolio
          AVKO Dyslexia (& Spelling) Research Foundation
     Sunnyside Up: Humorous Anecdote


     Many home-school families now have children that are
finishing high school and are looking at alternatives to the
traditional campus-based college education to complete their
     Your child can obtain education, training, and experience
with or without the verification offered by a college degree,
however, more occupational fields are now requiring a college
degree as an entry-level qualification.
     In this issue we explore the possibilities of college at
home as one of several post-high school options.
     You might find it useful to read and discuss this issue with
your high-school student.  We have also included some suggestions
to help even your younger children think about their future work
and life missions.
     If your child is doing college at home or has done it in the
past, we invite you to send us your experience and advice for us
to share with our readers.
     May the Lord guide and bless you as you continue to teach
and train your children for His glory.

Pat, Sue, Heather, Holly, and Brian Welch
The Teaching Home is a 24-year-old, home-school family business.

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Home-School Conventions
     Unique benefits await you at your local, regional, or state
home-school convention, conference, or book fair.  We urge
you to attend!
     For information about your state convention, go to The Teaching
Home's website (link below) and link directly to the state organization's
website.  Upcoming
state conventions:
July:  AL, AZ, CA, KY, SD / August:  NV, OR, TX
September: England / Various Dates: TN, TX, NZ

   The National Black Home
   Educators Resource Association
   is a resource network founded by
   Eric and Joyce Burges to encourage,
   support, and offer fellowship to
   families who are exploring benefits
of home education. Eric and his wife, Joyce, have home schooled
for l4 years.
     NBHERA will host its 3rd Annual Symposium in Baton Rouge,
Louisiana, July 22-24.  The theme is "Teach Me How To Teach
My Child."
     Eric and Joyce will also speak at the Valley Home Educators
convention July 30-31, in Modesto, California, and at the Texas
Home School Coalition convention August 12-13, in Houston,
Texas.  For more information see

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   College at Home Handbook
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Bachelor of Arts degree; completing degree requirements
and being accepted into law school at 17.  This handbook
is designed to fully equip you to begin and complete the
degree process on your own.

Additional Information on Christian Life Education
     (This is an update on information in issue #82.)  CLE now
has their own website at and offers a
record keeping service for home schoolers.

     Summer is the peak season for the number two weather-related
killer in the Unites States -- lightning (flash floods and floods are
number one.).
     In the U.S., an average of 67 people are killed each year by
lightning.  Many more are struck, but survive, often with a variety
of long-term, debilitating symptoms.
     Get information about lightning, warning signs, the "30-30
Rule," outdoor and indoor activities to avoid, and helping a
lightning strike victim at

   Teach Your Children
   Bible-Based Principles
   of Government and
   the Individual --
   with a new book from
   Judah Bible Curriculum
   by Bill Burtness:
   "The Third Alternative:
Christian Self-government. Freedom without Anarchy,
Order without Tyranny, Peace and Prosperity."
Read an excerpt and find more information at

Finishing the Course:  College at Home
     As Christian home schoolers, we start at birth to teach and
train our children in preparation for their life's work and
     Our purpose is that our children will receive the education,
training, and experience needed to effectively serve God and
others and to provide for their own families.
     Because of the wide availability and acceptance of
alternatives to the traditional on-campus, four-year college
degree, parents have viable options to continue to guide and
provide for their children's higher education through a variety
of means.
     We did not accept the world's prevailing practice for
education when we first committed ourselves to nurture and teach
our children at home, and we need not accept it at the college
level.  Now, as then, we might have to resist peer pressure and
not be deterred by comments about "not letting your children go."
     Our children need the God-ordained guidance and protection
of their parents as they complete their education as much as when
they started it.  They are at a very vulnerable crossroad in
their lives, and a traditional college education is not worth our
children being spiritually shipwrecked.
     Our parenting role has gradually changed as our children
have grown and matured, but the security and accountability of a
family helps anyone, at any age, to stand strong.  Do not be
intimidated into relinquishing your parental role at this point
as you work with your child in an advisory and guiding role while
offering him the support of your home as long as it is needed.

Advantages of Continuing To Home School
     There are many advantages of your young person continuing
his education at home.  Among them are:

1.  Less Expense
     It is possible to earn a complete, four-year degree for
$5,000 - $10,000 -- a fraction of traditional college.
     A good education can pay for itself in higher earnings
throughout life.  You might need to save and sacrifice some to
provide for this last step in your children's education, but you
can still live within your means, as God instructs us to do,
without the heavy debt load most college students graduate with.

2.  Less Time
     It is possible to earn a complete, four-year degree in as
little as two years.
     Independent learning dispenses with unnecessary classroom
procedures and concentrates on mastering the subject material in
a more efficient manner.

3.  Avoidance of Worldly Influences
     A college environment can lead young people astray in their
thinking, feeling, and behavior when instruction, example, and/or
peer influence does not meet biblical standards.
     One powerful temptation that our young people face (at home
or at college) can be largely avoided by teaching them not to
date or be alone with a member of the opposite sex at any time --
a good lifetime rule for everyone.

4.  Avoidance of Ungodly Philosophy
     The worldview of a secular college is vain ("The fear of the
Lord is the beginning of wisdom"), displeases our Lord, and can
shake your child's faith  (Col. 2:8).

     You are preparing your children for their final stage of
education from their very first phonics lesson.  The better
foundation you build year by year, the easier will be their
post-high school studies and training.
     Certain skills will help your child study more efficiently, including:
 *  Study Skills
 *  Speed Reading and Comprehension
 *  Test-Taking Strategies
 *  College-Level Writing

     Global Learning Strategies offers a packet of materials that
cover the above skills.

The Premier Online Portfolio – Incredible Advantages!
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Start Young with Correct Teaching
     Your family should pray together while your children are
growing up that the Lord will direct each one into His choice for
him.  It is beneficial for your child to have that vision of his
life goals.
     Preparing our children for career and education choices
starts when they are small, but not by asking them what they want
to be when they grow up. Children don't have the knowledge or
discernment to make that decision.  Being forced to give an
answer at a young age can make them feel obligated to follow
     A better way is to encourage them to serve the Lord in
whatever way He wants them to and explain that the Lord will
provide a work for them to do in His time if they are willing.

A Life of Service
     A Christian's life is to be centered in service to God and
others.  Thus, our children's preparation for life should enable
them to serve:
     The Lord.  Our first mission as Christians is Christ's great
commission, "Go into all the world and preach the Gospel" (Mark
16:15).  This flows from knowing and loving the Lord.
     Others.  We show love to others by serving them.  Every
legitimate occupation our children can consider can be reduced to
serving others in some way.
     Family.  God makes it plain that we are to provide for
ourselves and our family (I Tim. 5:4, 8; Eph. 4:28).  Preparing
to earn money is a worthy goal within the context of all God's
instructions to us.
     Education, training, and experience will make a good-paying
job attainable.  Earning more per hour makes your working time
more worthwhile and makes more money available to supply the
needs of family, charity, and ministry.
     As your children grow they will show interests and aptitudes
in several areas.  However, these might change throughout the
years.  As you observe these, you and your child can explore
different options in several ways:
 *  Learn about different ways people serve the Lord and find
     examples in specific people's lives (Christian biographies
     are great for this).
 *  Learn about different occupations and the training required.
 *  Don't necessarily let the projected job market in a certain
     area make your decision; trends change and, besides, every
     occupation always needs "a few good men."
 *  Talk to people you know about their jobs and needed skills.
 *  Ask to "shadow" someone at their work to see what it is
     really like.  This can start, confirm, or discourage a
 *  Consider taking a test to help determine aptitudes and
     interests.  However, if test results don't seem to ring true
     to either the student or his parents, do not base major
     decisions on them.  Instead, use them as a starting point
     for exploration.

     Career & Vocational Guidance.  Biblically based guidance
package evaluates interests, skills, values, and personality
     What Color Is Your Parachute? 2005
     What Color Is Your Parachute? 2005 Workbook

When To Start
     A popular option in higher education today is for students
to take college-level courses for credit during their last two
years of high school.

1.  Early Start
     Your student might begin college-level studies after
finishing his high school education early by either:
 *  Being on an accelerated academic schedule and covering more
     than one year's worth of material each year, or
 *  Progressing from each knowledge and skill level to the next
     level without repeating and reviewing material from grade to

2.  Concurrent High School and College
     Your student might replace his last two years of high
school with the same subjects at a college level.  He might be
earning college credits or preparing for tests that can be
converted to college credits (see CLEP tests below).

     These options should only be used by a student who can
handle accelerated academics without undue pressure or stress.
Keep in mind that there is no advantage to rushing your child
through his courses merely to finish early at the expense of a
solid education and well-developed maturity.  However, you
could try one or two college-level courses to see if it is
appropriate for your child.
     It might be advantageous for your child to take a one- or
two-year break after high school to pursue a ministry or service
opportunity, or to work in an area of interest before going on to
college-level studies.

Motivation and Accountability
     Students that do their college work at home need to be
disciplined and motivated.  Accountability can help your young
person complete his education at home.  Three suggestions are:
 *  Form a study group of a few like-minded young people that
     study or review together once a week on the same or
     different courses.
 *  Find a mentor such as a trusted family friend working in an
     area that your child is studying.  This mentor could give
     advice, discuss issues of interest, and check on your
     child's progress.
 *  Global Learning Strategies offers a program that will find
     the best options for your young person and mentor them
     through the program.

     AVKO Dyslexia (& Spelling)
     Research Foundation

AVKO Individualized Keyboarding
 *  Use the keyboarding program that teaches reading and
     spelling skills as your child masters the computer keyboard.
 *  Visit the AVKO website for information on dyslexia, freebies,
     and our catalog of spelling and reading materials.

Earning College Credits or a Degree at Home
     Credits may be earned and combined in a number of ways
to fulfill the requirements of a degree.  The key to collecting
credits from various sources is to determine where you want to
obtain your degree and check with that institution as to the
subjects and sources of credit they will accept toward the final
requirements for your degree.
     Now an established method of higher education, distance
learning is offered by many colleges and universities -- even
community colleges.

Types of Methods
     Various academic methods can be combined to earn credits
toward an undergraduate degree, including:
 *  Independent study courses
 *  Portfolios documenting college-level knowledge
 *  Traditional college courses
 *  Credit for training
 *  For-credit exams (see below)
 *  Approved correspondence courses
 *  Licenses and certificates

Modes of Delivery
     Distance learning is delivered by virtually any media
including surface mail, audio, video, CD-ROM, interactive or cable
TV, satellite broadcast, or any number of Internet technologies
such as message boards, chat rooms, and desktop video or computer

Examination for Credit
     College credit can be earned by studying a subject at home
and passing an exam such as the following.

College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)
     There are 37 exams in undergraduate college courses accepted
at 2,900 colleges.
     Study materials and sample questions are available from the
College Board, producers of the CLEP tests, as well as many other
     Students from one home-school family passed the history CLEP
test on knowledge gained from a Christian high-school textbook.
     For complete information on the exams, preparation, testing
locations, and costs, see
     Free online CLEP practice tests.

Advanced Placement (AP)
     Offers 31 courses and 34 exams across 19 subject areas,

College at Home Resources

Books on Distance Learning
     Look for these at bookstores, libraries, or
(below).  Be sure to get the latest editions.
     Bears' Guide to Earning Degrees by Distance Learning
     Bears' Guide to College Degrees by Mail & Internet
     Peterson's Guide to Distance Learning Programs, 2005
     College At Home.  A Step-by-step explanation.  A home-school
family explains how their son completed college in 21 months for
     Accelerated Distance Learning: The New Way To Earn Your
College Degree in the 21st Century.  Brad Voeller earned his
college degree in less than six months, for less than $5,000 by
applying these techniques.

Christian Colleges Offering Distance Learning
     Following are some of the Christian colleges that offer
distance learning, either for a limited number of credits or for
the entire degree.  Some allow early entry.
Accelerated Christian Education
Bob Jones University.
Oak Brook College of Law and Government Policy.
Moody Bible Institute.
Patrick Henry College.
Whitefield College
Taylor University.
Trinity College of the Bible.
Regent University.
LeTourneau University.

Colleges Granting Distance Learning Degrees
     The following secular schools are only a few of the schools
that grant degrees for a variety of distance and alternative
learning credits.
Thomas Edison State College.
Charter Oak State College.
Excelsior College.
University of Phoenix Online.

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Sunnyside Up:  Exhort One Another
     When I called our daughters Hannah, 4, and Lydia, 2, for
tooth-brushing time, they came running, yelling, "Me first! Me
     I turned to them and said, "Girls! Does Jesus want you to
say that? What does Jesus want you to say to one another instead
of 'Me first'?"
     Hannah thoughtfully answered, "Jesus wants us to say, 'You
may go first!'"
     I was so pleased that Hannah was demonstrating such
spiritual insight until she bent down to her sister and
persuaded, "You say it, Lydia!"
     Submitted by Dena M., Alabama.

God Loves You.
     Because we were separated from God by sin, Jesus Christ
died in our place, then rose to life again.  If we trust Jesus Christ
as our Savior and Lord, He will give us eternal life.
     "For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that
not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of
works, that no one should boast" (Ephesians 2:8, 9).

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