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VOL. II, NO. 7                                  MAY 27, 2002 ______________________________________________________
Table of Contents

  • How To Finish Strong
  • Free Online Computer Literacy 101
  • Prayer Reminders
  • Your State Convention
  • "Our Readers Write," Letter
  • "Sunny Side Up," Humorous Anecdote
  • Customer Service & Reprint Information

    How To Finish Strong
         In our last issue, we talked about "What To Do If Your School Year Is Almost Done -- But Your Studies Are Not!" If you missed these suggestion, see Newsletter Volume II, Number 6
         Here are some positive ways you can end your school year or term and make your family happy about finishing.
         Instead of petering out with everyone just barely crawling up to the finish line, you can have a strong finish that motivates your children with the excitement of learning.

    Assess & Review
         Take time with your children to look back over the year or term you have just completed.
    __ Talk about how much and what you have learned in each subject this year. This should be encouraging!
    __ What was the basic point of each course? How does it fit into its overall subject area and relate to other areas of study? This is a chance to look up from the trees (or even pine needles), and see the forest -- the "big picture." This can provide motivation for future learning!
    __ Summarize the content of each course. What were the most important facts? Are they mastered? Remember review cements learning in the mind. Make up some flash cards or a notebook for your child to review, or learn, essential facts throughout the summer months.

    Plan Future Studies
         Look ahead and show an enthusiasm for future learning.
    __ Ask yourself and your children what they would like to know more about in a specific subject. What are related topics they would like to read about or pursue at a leisurely pace during the summer?
    __ Let your children know how this year's studies will lead to next year's. Give them a vision of learning more in each area.
    __ You might choose to get a head start on next year's studies and reward yourselves with extra or longer breaks throughout the next year.

    Clean Up
         Put away this year's materials to make room for next year's and do your record keeping while everything is fresher in your mind.
    __ This is a time to dispose of textbooks you have finished. You may want to keep them for younger children's use or as reference books, pass them on to a friend, or sell them at a used curriculum sale.
    __ Finish up your paperwork by recording your children's subjects, books used, grades (a letter grade, percentage, or pass/fail), projects, and extracurricular activities. Also record your evaluation of your teaching, the materials you used, your child's strengths and weakness, test scores, etc.
    __ Sort, file, and throw away papers and projects.
         Have your child help you choose his 10 (or whatever number you choose) best papers to keep in a notebook.
         Take photos of projects and/or scan papers, art, photos of projects onto a CD disk for archives.

         Now enjoy an end-of-year celebration!
    __ Have a picnic, outing, or party with another family or families.
    __ Put on a program for your principal (Dad). Your children may want to repeat an oral report in a more relaxed, better-practiced manner, show Dad their best work, tell him what they have learned this year and what they want to learn more about. Ask Dad for his evaluation and encouragement.
    __ Praise the Lord! Together as a family, thank the Lord for your family, for the opportunity and freedom to home school, for the guidance, wisdom, and strength He provided this year.
    __ Find someone else that you can encourage and help. Reach out to another family that is home schooling or considering beginning. Point them to the Lord to find the guidance, wisdom, and strength that they need. Offer moral support and/or practical help.
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    Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101
    Free Online Computer Instruction

         Systematic, hands-on lessons will help you and your children fill in the gaps of your computer knowledge.
         The Computer Basics lessons represent the core information from half of a college course that Jan developed, the other half being the hands-on assignments with Microsoft Office software. The five topics are:

  • Computer Basics (also in Spanish)
  • Working with Windows (also in Spanish & French)
  • Working with Words (also in Spanish)
  • Working with Numbers (also in Spanish)
  • Working with the Web (also in Spanish)

         If your Internet connection is sluggish or you want to work offline to save connection time, you can order a CD Rom with all the lessons for $15.
         Questions and exercises for Computer Basics are available to home-school teachers on the permissions form.
    Worship Guitar Class Videos
    A 3-volume series by Jean Welles. Enjoy Christian-based guitar lessons in the comfort of your own home. Easy step-by-step instructions for both the first-day beginner and the intermediate player.
    Teaching Tip: Prayer Reminders
         Use these everyday happenings as prayer reminders to teach your children to "Pray without ceasing."

    __ When you open the curtains in the morning:
         Praise God for the new day.
    __ When you get dressed:
         Pray on the armor of God (Ephesians 6).
    __ When you sit down to eat:
         Thank the Lord for your food and all His provisions.
    __ When you put on seatbelts:
         Pray for protection on the road.
    __ When you see a national flag:
         Pray for our country.
    __ When you see a hospital:
         Pray for those who are sick or suffering.
    __ When you see or hear an ambulance:
         Pray for the one who is hurt and those helping him.
    __ When you do yard work:
         Pray for missionaries or missions.
    __ When you do laundry:
         Pray for others.
    __ When you wash your hands:
         Confess your sins and thank the Lord for forgiving you.
    __ When you go to bed:
         Give thanks for today and commit tomorrow to Him.
    __ When you pick up after your husband:
         Thank the Lord for him!
    Adapted from an excerpt by Lyn, Families Honouring Christ,
    Melbourne, Australia.
    State Home-School Conventions
         The unique benefits brought together in these events can renew and expand your vision for teaching and training your children.
         Read "Getting the Most Out of Home-School Conventions, Conferences, and Book Fairs" at
         Below are listed state conventions coming up in the next few weeks. See more events listed at

    Connecticut - June 14-15
    Idaho - June 7-8
    Iowa - June 14-15
    Kansas - May 31-June 1
    Montana - June 6-8
    New York - May 30-June 1
    Oregon - June 1; June 21-22
    Tennessee, Johnson City - June 1
    Tennessee, Memphis - June 14-15
    Texas, Houston - June 7-8
    Texas, Lubbock - June 15
    Virginia - June 13-15
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    Our Readers Write:
    Of Focus, Attitudes, and Atmosphere

         The other morning as I drifted into awakeness, my ears slowly became aware of two small voices lustily singing, "With Jesus in the family, happy, happy home."
         The voices weren't always in the same key, they were often out of sync with one another, the words didn't always match, and they weren't even always singing the same tune! Nevertheless, at that dreamy moment, all I could focus on was how beautifully touching it was to be awakened by my two youngest children spontaneously singing praises to the Lord.
         In each situation that parents face, there is always more than one angle from which to view it. Therefore, in our busy schedules, it becomes vital to focus on the positive aspects of our circumstances.
         I must choose to focus on the wonderful blessing that my child has two hands and ten fingers, rather than on the oatmeal plastered behind his ears.
         I must choose to be grateful that God instilled inquisitiveness in my child's small being rather than getting frustrated by nose- and fingerprints on the windows.
         I must choose to be touched and awed by the dependence that my child has on me to help him get out of "stuck situations" instead of being wearied by the pleas for help with stuck zippers and knotted up shoelaces.
         It is important for children to be trained to eat neatly, tie their own shoelaces, and a host of other simple and complex skills that will help them develop into responsible adults.
         But more important than the learning of details (a dog can be trained not to put his nose and paws on windowpanes) is the attitude in which they are taught.
         That choice of attitude is what creates the atmosphere that surrounds our children at all times. And that atmosphere will be indelibly imparted into our children's inner being, to be reproduced both now and in the future.
         Yes, I am going to teach my children to sing in tune and to match the words and rhythm with their partner. That's part of growing up. It will come in time.
         But right now I want them to feel an atmosphere of appreciation and praise emanating from my heart for my Creator and for His gift to me of my children and the beautiful songs they sing. -- Janice S., Kitwanga, Canada
    Sunny Side Up
         The nurse was amazed that our 4-year-old son, Jonathan, knew his alphabet well enough to take his first eye exam using the letter chart.
         Upon completion of the exam, the nurse commended Jon on his excellent performance and was walking out of the room. Jon shouted, "Hey, wait! I can do even better without the chart!" - Pamela L., Florida
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