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         "The Teaching Home has been a part of my continuing education since I started home schooling. I have kept every issue and often go to back issues to find creative, helpful hints or inspiration." Meredith C., Florida

    The Teaching Home

    Information, Inspiration, and Encouragement

    Volume II, Number 15                                 Septtember 24, 2002

    Table of Contents

    Back-to-HOME-School: Organization (Part 4 of 4)
         Clean & Maintain Your Home
         Organize Your Home School
         Take Control of Your Time
         Free Online Resources
    Report on The Teaching Home
         Where We Have Been
         Where We Are Now
         Where We Are Headed
         Testimony & Resources
         Understanding Mathematics
         Pen-Friends for Turkish Students
         Explorer's Bible Study
         Creation Illustrated


         We trust that you are enjoying the fresh start that this new school year brings and that you and your children are excited about learning together.

         Great are the works of the Lord;
         They are studied by all who delight in them.
         Splendid and majestic is His work;
         And His righteousness endures forever.
              Psalm 111: 2-3

         In this issue we offer you some more suggestions for building and using your organizational skills to bring peace to your home. We have also given you a report on The Teaching Home.

    Sue Welch
    for Pat, Sue, Heather, Holly, and Brian Welch
    The Teaching Home is a home-school family business produced in our home since 1980.

    New and Valuable K-12 Math Resource
         Described by Mary Pride as ". . . the best overview of mathematics that exists," is the book "Understanding Mathematics: From Counting to Calculus." A practical and understandable math resource, it's a "must have" for any homeschooling family.

    Organization: A Key to a Peaceful Life
    by Cindy Short and Sue Welch, editors

              Our homes can be a peaceful place in the midst of this world's turmoil. Organization can be a key that opens the door to that dream.

         In the last issue and this issue we offer specific, do-able suggestions for organizing your life. These are simple and basic things that we all know. However, we can profit from reminding and encouraging ourselves to work on organization until we have established the routines and habits that free us to do the priorities in our lives.

    Last Issue
         In Vol. II, No. 14 we covered the following topics. For complete text online see

         1. Get Motivated: The Benefits of Organization
         2. Plan Your Attack: Start Slow & Steady
         3. Start with Clutter
         4. Preventative Measures

    Clean & Maintain Your Home

    1. Clean
    * After you have decluttered, your housework will be simplified and you can do a thorough cleaning of your entire house.
    * Deep clean one room each month.

    2. Chores
    * Have a daily cleanup schedule (see below) and routine.
    * Make a place for everything and put each item in its place.

    3. Meals
    * Plan menus and shop once a week.
    * Start dinner early, use a crockpot, or try once-a-month cooking.

    (Organization is continued below.)

    Christian Pen-Friends for Students of English in Turkey

         (For ages 11 to Adult) Make a friend with similar interests and share the Gospel! To be assigned a Turkish pen-friend and receive helpful guidelines, send: your name, postal address, age, gender, and a brief list of interests. (No one under 11 without adult assistance.) You may have more than one pen-friend if you wish. We normally assign persons of the same gender. Respond to:

    Organization (Continued)

    Organize Your Home School

    1. School Time
    * Do not answer the phone during study.
    * Limit outside activities, other than Sunday, to one day a week.
    * Consider using Saturday for science, art, or other projects.

    2. Lesson Plans
    * Use a lesson plan book to record your plans and do one or more of the following:
    * Simply note how many pages of a book are to be covered each week.
    * List the dates during which certain units are to be covered.
    * Detail activities, assignments, or projects along with the time you wish to spend on them.
    * Make an outline of books, chapters, and projects for each course at the beginning of each year; then make more detailed plans monthly and weekly so you can incorporate unforeseen circumstances and new ideas or adjust the pace.

    3. Be Prepared
    * Collect all the library books and other materials you will need for your lessons at least one week in advance.
    * Spend a few minutes the night before or in the morning looking over the plans for the day and gathering materials for the day's lessons.

    4. Your Students
    * Give older children their own lesson plan books so they can carry on with assignments while you work with younger students. This helps them build self-discipline and time management.
    * Make a list of acceptable activities younger children can do when they are waiting for your help, such as puzzles, coloring, etc.

    5. Record Keeping
    * Choose and use a record keeping system that meets your needs and/or your state requirements (e.g., a checked-off plan book, a journal, or a grade book).
    * Have a routine for handling papers. Do they need to be filed for documentation, or a few saved for a yearbook, and the rest tossed?

    6. Supplies
    * Set aside special labeled shelves and bins for schoolbooks and supplies.

    (Organization is continued below.)

    Explorer's Bible Study:
    Curriculum for a Lifetime of Learning

         Quality, in-depth curriculum that is "homeschooler friendly" for ages preschool through high school. Students learn how to explore the truths of the God’s Word and will love the challenge and fulfillment of reading and studying the Bible on their own.

    Organization (Continued)

    Take Control of Your Time

    1. Use a Planner
         A planner is a collection of all your organizational information such as goals, calendar, and schedules. The two rules of using a planner are:
         1) Use a single planner.
         2) Take it with you everywhere.
         You can buy an expensive planner all set up for you, or you can use a 3-ring notebook and make or buy pages for it. Organized offers free printable forms online with articles and helps in using them.

    2. Set Your School Year Schedule
         Choose the traditional nine months with 5-day weeks and three months summer break or set up your own year-round schedule like one of the following samples:
    * A four-day school week with three days off.
    * Three, four, or six weeks of school, then one week off.
    * Eight or ten weeks of school, then two weeks off.

    3. Mark Your Calendar
         Start with a calendar (monthly, weekly, and or daily), then mark:
    * Your home-school schedule (see above) including school days, test days, vacations, library days, field trips, and support group activities.
    * Family health appointments.
    * Special interests such as music lessons.
    * Anything you need to be reminded of, such as number of library books and due dates.
    * Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and special days.
    * Church and social activities.
    * Weekly goals for a long-range project.
    * Keep a family calendar near the phone. Set rules for accepting invitations and scheduling appointments.

    4. Create Daily and Weekly Schedules
         Now you can plan your family's daily and weekly schedules that will incorporate your plans and goals.
    * Establish regular meal and bed times.
    * Schedule a normal week's activities with chores, quiet times, school work, play, family devotions, and other regular activities.
    * Post a copy where all can see it.
    * Schedule your time with God in His Word and prayer to prepare for your day before your children get up.

    5. Allow for Interruptions and Emergencies
    * Remember that your family is more important than your schedule.
    * Find a workable solution for avoidable interruptions.
    * Accept uncontrollable or unavoidable interruptions and use them for learning opportunities.

    6. Keep To Do Lists
    * Compile a master to do list, a single continuous list that replaces small slips of paper.
    * Transfer these activities to your calendar, schedule, and weekly or daily to do lists.
    * Take a few minutes each evening to write down what must be done the next day on a dated page in your notebook planner.

    7. Plan Each Week in Advance
    * Once a week plan the upcoming week.
    * Make lists of phone calls to be made, errands to be run, details to be tended to, and set a goal or two.
    * Evaluate what is bothering you and how you can fix it.
    * Coordinate your week with your husband.

         Remember to rely on the Lord and work on your organizational skills little by little without becoming discouraged. Each small step will bring you and your family closer to a more peaceful home life.

    (Organization is continued below.)

    FREE Introductory Issue:
    "The Christian Answer to National Geographic"

         No home should be without Creation Illustrated! Stunning photography, Bible-based nature lessons, animal features, exciting outdoor adventures and nature activities for children. Awarded 3 Silver Angels! A perfect addition to your curriculum and family devotions.

    Organization (Continued)

    Free Online Resources

         These two website contain a wealth of free, practical, and encouraging information.

    Organized Home.Com
         Many pages of free information about how to organize, declutter, simplify, and clean you home including:
    * Clutter and Personality Type - to help you lick your clutter plus clutterbusting articles.
    * Guide to menus and meal planning including a complete guide to once-a-month cooking with recipes, equipment guide, and tips.
    * Cleaning tips, lessons, strategies, and charts.
    * Much more!
         Are you living in CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome)? When told to "Just do the next thing," do you look around overwhelmed and ask, "What is the next thing"?
         The FlyLady takes you by the hand and gently leads you step by baby step through her housecleaning and organizing program.
         When you join FlyLady (free), you will receive daily e-mails that will help you set up routines, get rid of your clutter, and put your home and life in order.

    Report on The Teaching Home

    Where We Have Been
         The Teaching Home has been experiencing financial difficulties for two years. The last magazine published was the January/Feburary 2001 issue. We are seeking to correct this situation as soon as possible and resume publication of The Teaching Home magazine.

    Where We Are Now
         Our projected budget looks good once we can get the next issue of the magazine printed and mailed.
         Out of necessity we have made some temporary changes until we can get the next issue out and our cash flow restored to normal. Among those changes are:

         1. Greatly reduced staff
              Our three grown children are volunteering their time to work in the office along with three other part-time staff members. We appreciate your patience if your customer service questions take a while to be answered because of our small staff.

         2. Suspension of subscription sales
              We are not accepting payment for subscriptions at this time. We are entering names on our database for "trial subscriptions" -- one free issue when we are back in print, and then you can subscribe if you wish. If you already have a subscription, you will receive all the issues for which you paid when we are able to resume publication.

         3. Sale of back issues online
              Our back issues contain of wealth of information that never goes out of date. We are able to offer 51 issues -- the equivalent of 8.5 years of useful and inspiring information and practical how-tos.

         4. Production of our free e-mail newsletter,           supported by advertising.
              These are not meant to be a substitute for our printed magazine; we are just doing what we can for now.
         If we had known a year and a half ago how long our financial problems would last, we would have made these changes then. However, both the causes and solutions to our problems were realized and responded to only gradually.
         We are thrilled to be able to continue our ministry of information, inspiration, and encouragement to nearly 20,000 home-school families through our e-mail newsletter.

    Encouraging Letter
         Letters like the one below help us as we persevere.

         "I just wanted to encourage you during this time. It may seem tough but it is that way for many of us too.
         "You have found a way around an obstacle, and that is what many of us have to do also. We have been home schooling for over 10 years and have six children. My husband did a career change last year and we too are struggling, but the Lord has been faithful in providing what we need.
         "He will do the same for you when the time is right and I want you to know that the e-mail newsletter is a very good way of ministering to those who need your information. Even when you are able to get the magazine printed again, please don't stop the e-mail newsletter. It would be the only way that we could get the information that you are providing now.
         "Thanks for your resourcefulness and your encouragement to us during our time of trials." Tracie Jamison

    Where We Are Headed
         We believe there is a need for The Teaching Home magazine and have not been led of the Lord to abandon our desire to fulfill this mission. We appreciate the Christian love expressed by those who pray for us.
         The option of giving up and walking away is not acceptable to us. The next issue of The Teaching Home is nearly ready to send to press when the Lord provides the needed funds.

    Testimony & Resources
         This excruciatingly painful experience has greatly tested our faith.
         Oh what peace we often forfeited,
         Oh what needless pain we bore!
         Even though we took it to the Lord in prayer, our faith needed to be increased in order to be pleasing to our wonderful Lord.
         Three resources, besides our gracious Lord and His Word, have ministered to us during this time.

    1. Turnaround Ministries, for Christian business owners who are having financial difficulties; affiliated with Christian Financial Concepts and Larry Burkett.

    2. Hope at the Bottom by Michael Taylor, a small book of big importance if you are in or nearing financial troubles.
    [ Click Here ]

    3. Streams in the Desert. This classic devotional book offers encouragement in the midst of any type of trouble. Available in hard copy
    [ Click Here ]

    or daily readings online at

         Truly the Lord has blessed us for the 22 years since The Teaching Home was started by giving us the tremendous privilege of being able to minister to others and seek to bring glory to Him. Anything good that has come of that is all to His glory; we are and can do nothing in ourselves. We love the Lord and are willing to serve Him in any way He provides in the future.

    Pat and Sue Welch, publishers

    God Loves You.

         Because we were separated from God by sin, Jesus Christ died in our place, then rose to life again. If we trust Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord, He will give us eternal life.

         "For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works, that no one should boast" (Ephesians 2:8, 9).

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