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Table of Contents
     Gospel for Asia's Tsunami Relief
Checklist for Starting the New Year
          Your Family Mission Statement
          Your Goals
          Your Goals & Objectives
     Spiritual Goals
     Academic Goals
     Social and Life Skills Goals
     Start the New Year Re-Organized
     Your Personal Preparation for the New Year
Recommended Resources
     Teaching Home Magazine Back Issues
     Christian Liberty Academy School System
     Birch Court Books
     Nature's Way
     "Keepers at Home" Annual Calendar/Planner
Sunnyside Up: Humorous Anecdote

Greetings and Happy New Year!

     This newsletter contains a checklist to help you set your
goals for the new year.  Without goals, we tend to wander and not
achieve our objectives.  Goals are not meant to discourage you by
your distance from these objectives, but to help you alter your
direction if needed and make your plans for the coming year.

     May you seek and find the wisdom and strength freely offered
by our wonderful Lord as you teach and train your children for
His glory in 2005.

Cindy Short and Sue Welch, Sisters and Co-Editors
The Pat Welch Family, Publishers
Pat, Sue, Heather, Holly, and Brian

Native Missionaries First on Scene with Relief --
and the Hope of the Gospel -- for Tsunami Victims
by Larry Jerden, Gospel for Asia

     While aid workers and agencies in the West scrambled to
put people into the areas devastated by the tsunami, a Christian
mission that supports native missionaries in 10 Asian countries
was already on the scene, bringing pure water, food, clothing,
medicine -- and the hope found in Jesus Christ -- to thousands
of the terrified survivors.
     Gospel for Asia reported that it had more than 200 workers
in the affected areas within a day, and now has more than 1,000
of its 15,000 native missionaries involved in the relief efforts
in India, Sri Lanka, and the Andeman Islands.
     Dr. Yohannan, president and founder of the Carrollton,
Texas, based mission, is coordinating a $10-million effort to
bring clean water, food, clothing, medicine, and eventually
housing, to some of the millions of people now made homeless
     One Gospel for Asia leader reported from Sri Lanka that the
waves left some 10,000 children as orphans and that Gospel for
Asia Relief Services is committed to establishing 10 orphanages
to care for them.  They are receiving support from both
government and private organizations.
     Yohannan noted, "Because we work at the grass roots, we have
an infrastructure already in place supported by 1.5 million
believers in South Asia who are able to minister effectively to
the shattered survivors of such tragedies."

Your Donations
     When you donate to Gospel for Asia's Tsunami Relief Fund
online or over the phone, 100% of your money will go to this
effort.  See more information, stories, and photos at or call 1-800-946-2742.

Checklist for Starting the New Year
     In order to know if your family is on course, or not, you
need to compare your past progress with your mission statement
and goals.

Your Family Mission Statement
     A mission statement is a written declaration of your
family's purpose.  It is a clear, simple, and succinct sentence
or paragraph which even a child can understand.
     It is not hard to write your family mission statement;
information and suggested steps for writing it can be found in
Newsletter #80 at

Review, revise, or write your family mission statement.

Post  your family mission statement.
     Type or write out your mission statement, and the Scriptures
you base it on, and post it where all can see and be reminded of it.

Your Goals
     Your goals are the detailed plan that will enable you to
fulfill your mission statement.  See more detailed information at

Make sure your goals are:
 *  Specific and Measurable
 *  Attainable
 *  Reviewed and Revised Regularly

Use your goals to:
 *  Make daily applications of your mission statement.
 *  Help you decide what to do concerning proposed actions or
     the use of family resources.
 *  Help you decide what to do first by prioritizing your goals
     in importance and chronological order.
 *  Govern the use of your time in the activities on your daily

Break down your goals into smaller objectives.
 *  Establish routines, chores, and habits to reach small, daily
     Seeing these practical, incremental steps as part of
fulfilling your mission gives meaning to what might otherwise be
considered the mundane or unimportant details of daily life.

Your Goals & Objectives
     Your goals and objectives can help you evaluate your
progress toward your family's mission statement.

Break your general goals (see below) into objectives for
each of your children to reach this year.

Plan detailed objectives for each month or week close to
the time for their implementation.

Discuss these objectives with each of your children and
explain how they fit into the big picture of his future.

Revise your goals and make them more specific as
individuals' strengths or callings appear.


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Spiritual Goals

1.  Your Child's Salvation
     Your child's salvation is your first priority.

Pray for his early, but clearly understood and meaningful,
commitment to the Lord.

2.  Read God's Word
     In just 5 minutes per day you can read the entire New
Testament through in a year -- a minimum requirement for Bible
knowledge.  This can be done at your daily family devotional
time, bedtime, mealtime, or story time.

See schedules for reading the entire Bible in a year at

3.  Teach God's Word
     God commands you as parents to teach your children
His Word, the most important thing they will ever learn.

Read, teach, and discuss God's Word in many situations
when you are together throughout the day.

Systematically study God's Word.
See information on the FaithWeaver Bible curriculum at

Help your children memorize one or more verses every week
or two and review them regularly.  This will enable them to meditate
on God's Word.
See Bible Memory by Memlok at

4.  Scriptural Perspectives
Make sure that the curriculum, supplemental materials, and
entertainment media your children are exposed to is:
 *  Written from a Scriptural perspective or
 *  Presented with guidance from a Scriptural perspective.

5.  Your Child's Spiritual Growth
Guide your children in their spiritual growth with:
 *  Regular and thoughtful Bible reading.
 *  Loving dedication and obedience to God.
 *  Knowing God and speaking to Him in prayer.
 *  Christian fellowship.
 *  Ministry to others.

6.  Character Development
     Work to develop specific positive character traits through:

Training in definitions and standards of good character
qualities and the scriptural principles upon which they are
based.  See what and how to teach good character at

Courteous manners.

Discipline through clearly understandable standards of
behavior and consistently administered appropriate
consequences for both compliance and non-compliance.

Useful habits in the areas such as character, personal
hygiene, and diligence in work and study.

Good parental examples.

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Academic Goals

1.  A Christian World View
     We want our children to view all they are learning, as well
as all of life, in the light of Bible truth.  A discerning, yet
compassionate, Biblical worldview is a sound basis for both
education and life decisions.

The facts, truths, and principles revealed in God's Word
should form the basis for each course of study and the
standard for evaluating its content.

2.  A Solid Foundation in the Basics
     Basic skills (reading, writing, math) must be thoroughly
mastered and then retained through review so children can
acquire, use, and communicate knowledge in other subjects.

Make sure your children thoroughly master the foundational
skills of reading, writing, and math that they need to progress

3.  An Excellent, Well-Rounded Education
     Christians want their children to be well educated so that
they have the skills and knowledge to better serve God and
others, as well as to appreciate and enjoy God and His creation.

Provide your children with a variety of real-life experiences
that build the background knowledge for academic learning and
inspire their thinking.

Give each of your children the individual attention he needs
to meet his unique needs.

Recognize, understand, and accommodate your child's
readiness to learn new concepts, his abilities or difficulties in
various areas, his personal interests, and his tendencies to
learn best by either sight, sound, touch, or movement.

Show relationships or connections between facts in the
same or different subject areas and in previously acquired
knowledge to help your children understand and remember
what they are taught.

Make available educational resources, reference materials,
and supervised Internet searches.

Use your child's curiosity, needs, and interests to
motivate learning, and stimulate new interests through reading,
conversation, questions, and family activities.

4.  Confidence and Independent Thinking
     We want our children to have the courage, good sense, and
strength of character to think and make decisions for themselves
based on Scripture, truth, and logic, rather than following the
crowd or the latest trends.

Encourage your children's logical reasoning, critical
thinking, and problem-solving skills through the study of logic
along with questions, discussions, and assignments.

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Social and Life Skills Goals

1.  Family Unity
     God's goal for us is to have a home filled with love, joy,
and peace where each member of the family relates to others as
He intends.

Your home should be characterized by a positive atmosphere
of mutual love, understanding, and respect.

Your family can experience unity, closeness, and mutual
enjoyment of one another as you spend time together working,
studying, and playing.

Your family can learn teamwork as each member of the
family makes a contribution to the success of your home and school.

2.  Social Skills
     Social skills will enable your children to show love to and
serve others.  These skills include understanding others,
communication, cooperation, managing conflict, leadership, and
lovingly meeting the needs of others.

Teach and practice social skills in the context of normal
family life and under your guidance in groups of friends,
families, and your local church.

Negative socialization by peer pressure should be avoided.
"Do not be misled: Bad company corrupts good character."
(I Corinthians 15:33)

3.  Goals for Life Skills
     The skills needed to prepare your children for the practical
responsibilities of everyday life include such things as:
 *  Financial skills
 *  Managing a home
 *  Cooking
 *  Shopping
 *  Driving
 *  Repairs and maintenance
 *  Voting
 *  Researching information
 *  Keeping fit and healthy
     See detailed information at

Teach and model these skills through training and supervised

When able, give your children the responsibility for entire areas,
thus rehearsing for adult life.

     While we may not be able to immediately act on all the ideas
inspired by the forgoing suggestions, we can at least make a note
of them and pray for wisdom in selecting those that should have
top priority.
     Let us pray for our own and all other Christian home-school
families to be strengthened and encouraged for the opportunities
that lie before us this coming new year.

Organize Now
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the "Keepers at Home"
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Keep all the facets of homemaking
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Start the New Year Re-Organized
     If you have taken a holiday vacation from school work, your
house shows the signs of much happy use, your normal schedule and
chores have been derailed, and you are a little disoriented, it's time
to re-organize for the new year!  For more information see

Time Management
     Basic tools that will help you get back on track and make
sure that your mission statement and goals are implemented in
your ongoing routines include:

A Planner. Goals, calendar, and schedules all in one notebook.
See "Keepers at Home Calendar/Planner" advertised in this issue.

Monthly Calendar. All family activities and academic goals.

Weekly Calendar. Plans for the week, including regular and
special activities.

Daily Schedule. Your time budget to make sure the urgent
doesn't rob time from your planned goals.

Chore Chart. Everyone knows what to do and when to do it.

Lesson Plan & Record Book. Record your plans and check
off what is done; record unplanned learning when it happens.
See "Keepers at Home Calendar/Planner" advertised in this issue.

To Do Master List. Assign items from this list to your
monthly, weekly, or daily lists.

More Information:

Space Management
You may need to take a look at how your space is organized.
Generally speaking, the more you eliminate, the easier it will be
to arrange your belongings in an orderly way.

Your Personal Preparation for the New Year
      Prepare yourself for a year of living for our Lord Jesus Christ.

1.  Review Last Year.
Discuss some of the year's events or trends with your
family.  Encourage each person to express any thoughts or
feelings about what is working well and what needs to be

Ask the Lord to show you any offenses that you have
forgotten or neglected to resolve.  Then confess and forsake
any sin that He reveals to you, even "little" sins.

Reconcile yourself with others. Whether there is actual
hostility or just coolness or distance in a relationship that should
be warm and close, you can make the first move to restore it.

2.  Remember God's Blessings.
List and give thanks for God's provision for your needs,
His guidance, and His many other blessings to your family during
the past year.

Reinforce lessons you have learned.  Take some time to
identify these and perhaps memorize a Scripture verse that is more
meaningful because of what you experienced this past year.

3.  Request Wisdom for the Coming Year.
God has promised to honor this request when we ask it in
faith, determined to act as He directs.

4.  Resolve To Obey God and His Word in Every Detail.
Write out the objectives you believe God wants you to
accomplish during the coming year.  Include character qualities
you lack, habits you should change or add, things you want to
learn or study, relationships that need your attention, and more.

Write down specific actions you will take, step-by-step, and
share these with the individuals that have the right and the will
to support you.

5.  Renew Your Commitments.
Repeat your marriage vows.
Tell your children of your love and plans for them.
Pray or sing together about your love for and dedication
to the Lord.

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Sunnyside Up:  A Day at the Capital
     I asked our 6-year-old if she knew what the capital of North
Carolina was.
     After a moment of silence I hinted, "It's a place where Mom
and Dad sometimes go to spend a day shopping."
     "Oh, I know!" she answered, "Walmart!"
Submitted by Joan B., North Carolina.

God Loves You.
     Because we have been separated from God by sin, Jesus Christ
died in our place, then rose to life again.  If we trust Jesus
Christ as our Savior and Lord, He will give us eternal life.
     "For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that
not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of
works, that no one should boast" (Ephesians 2:8, 9).

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