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For 29 Years The Teaching Home Has Been Providing Home-School Families
Information, Inspiration, and Encouragement from a Distinctively Christian Perspective.

Co-Editors: Veteran Home-School Sisters, Sue Welch and Cindy Short

Perseid Meteor Shower

From NASA.  Earth is entering a stream of dusty debris from Comet Swift-Tuttle, the source of the annual Perseid meteor shower.  Although the shower won't peak until August 11th and 12th, the show is already getting underway.

Earth passes through the densest part of the debris stream sometime on August 12th.  Then, you could see dozens of meteors per hour.

For sky watchers in North America, the watch begins after nightfall on August 11th and continues until sunrise on the 12th.

Veteran observers suggest the following strategy:  Unfold a blanket on a flat patch of ground.  Lie down and look up.  Perseids can appear in any part of the sky, their tails all pointing back to the shower's radiant in the constellation Perseus.  Get away from city lights if you can.

There is one light you cannot escape on August 12th.  The 55% gibbous Moon will glare down from the constellation Aries just next door to the shower's radiant in Perseus.  The Moon is beautiful, but don't stare at it.  Bright moonlight ruins night vision, and it will wipe out any faint Perseids in that part of the sky.

The Moon is least troublesome during the early evening hours of August 11th.  Around 9 to 11 p.m. local time (your local time), both Perseus and the Moon will be hanging low in the north.  This low profile reduces lunar glare while positioning the shower's radiant for a nice display of Earthgrazers.

"Earthgrazers are meteors that approach from the horizon and skim the atmosphere overhead like a stone skipping across the surface of a pond," explains Bill Cooke of NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office.  "They are long, slow and colorful – among the most beautiful of meteors."  He notes that an hour of watching may net only a few of these at most, but seeing even one can make the whole night worthwhile.

The Perseids are coming.  Enjoy the show!

See for more information.

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Past experience has shown that the parent is the best teacher for a child who is struggling with the learning process in any way. The goal of the monthly newsletter is to help equip parents to identify their child's struggle and teach their child successfully at home ... and have fun doing it!

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Our @home e-vents are like attending an interactive homeschool workshop right in your own living room. As part of HSLDA's commitment to equipping and encouraging you in your homeschool endeavor, we've designed our @home e-vents to bring you an exciting lineup of interesting and helpful speakers and topics in the comfort of your home.

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HSLDA offers homeschooling families a low-cost method of obtaining quality legal defense that gives them the freedom to homeschool without having to face legal threats alone.

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Sunnyside Up

What Is an In-Law?

After we had studied the pioneer period and the westward movement, I had read a couple of Wild West tales.  We had also recently studied antonyms.

One morning soon after my two brothers were married, presenting me with new sisters-in-law, my 7-year-old son and I were alone in the kitchen.  He asked, "Mom, are outlaws bad guys?" I said, "Yes."

With excitement and relief in his voice he replied, "Then in-laws are good guys!"

Submitted by Rebecca M., Georgia.

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"For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life."  (John 3:16)

"The Lord ... is patient toward you, not wishing for any to perish but for all to come to repentance." (II Peter 3:9)

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Back-to-Home-School, Part 1

Help Someone Start Home Schooling –
Maybe Even Yourself!

1.  Reaffirm Your Decision To Home School
2.  Set Goals and Objectives
3.  Set Up Class Arrangements for Highest Efficiency
4.  Select and Assemble Your Curriculum

Recommended Resources

•  Doorposts: Parenting Charts
•  Common Sense Press: Language Arts; Science
•  Birch Court Books: Home-School Books
•  Basic Christian Education: Bible Based Curriculum


Are you all ready for school to start?

In the next four issues, we will review some of the back-to-home-school basics that you might use as reminders for yourself — or to help someone else start home schooling.

Look around at your church, support group, relatives, or neighbors.  Is there anyone who would appreciate a little help in considering or starting to home school?  Here are some ways you can help.

Tell Your Story

Realistically give your convictions and reasons to homeschool, as well as your experience – both challenges and successes.

Provide Information

Point your friend to information.  The Teaching Home website offers hundreds of articles, including:

 •  The most frequently asked Questions & Answers
(also in Spanish).

 •  A series of articles on getting started.

 •  A checklist for starting a school year.

Give a Sample

Schedule a day or a week of home schooling together (call it a Day Camp or something fun!).  You could do a simple unit study, work on basic skills, and/or explore just one subject area of interest.

A field trip on the last day would round out a good sampling of home-school opportunities.

Of course the best way to help someone is to pray for them and be there to answer questions and give encouragement!

We trust that this newsletter will help you and/or a friend lay a good groundwork for a successful and enjoyable school year ahead!


     The Pat Welch Family, Publishers
     Pat, Sue, Heather, Holly, and Brian

The Teaching Home is a home-school, family-run business operated in our home since 1980.

The Bible Has the Answers!

Parenting charts from Doorposts will help you:

    • Establish Biblical standards
      for discipline

    • Encourage godly behavior

    • Be more consistent

    • Point your children to God's
      authority and wisdom

    • Be more united as husband
      and wife in your parenting

     "The If-Then chart revolutionized our family almost over night.  Suddenly we could go to the store – or anywhere for that matter – and actually enjoy having our children along.  They thrived on the Bible-based security and consistency ..."
– A satisfied customer   

Save $3.50 when you buy our Set of Four Charts for $24.
Visit our website to learn more and view samples.

Doorposts    (888) 433-4749
Bible-based, parent-designed, family-tested products.

1. Reaffirm Your Decision
    To Home School

Your decision to home school should be based on your determination of God's will for your family.

Seek the Lord through His Word and pray for His promised wisdom, guidance, and strength.  Then agree as husband and wife on this important decision.

Consider the Home-School Advantages

Teaching and training your children at home can provide the optimum opportunity for your children's spiritual training and character development as well as their social and academic welfare.

As you look at your mission statement and goals, you will see the many ways that home schooling is a good, if not the best, way to achieve them, including:

 •  Spiritual.  Bible training and Christian worldview for all subjects.

 •  Academic.  Individual tutoring, independent thinking, and proven results.

 •  Social.  Family unity and closeness, and guided social skills.

 •  Character Development.  Discipline, training, and good habits.

Remembering why you are teaching your children at home will provide the conviction, confidence, and commitment that you will need in order to persevere during difficult times.

These reasons will also help you explain your home education choice to others, including your children.

Many home-school families have found it beneficial to write out their decision to home school (this could be in your mission statement) along with a list, or summary, of the reasons why they have made that decision.

Make Legal Arrangements To Home School

Avoid potential problems by making the following arrangements.

 •  Know your state’s law.

 •  Contact your state home-school organization to learn how to comply with your state’s law.

 •  Consider joining Home School Legal Defense Association.  (Use discount group number 299142 for $20 off your membership fee.)

Three Easy-To-Use, Highly Effective Series

Learning Language Arts Through Literature. This fully integrated language arts program for grades 1-12 teaches:  • Phonics • Grammar  • Reading  • Writing mechanics  • Creative writing  • Spelling  • Vocabulary  • Thinking skills and more. Complete info and samples.

The Great Science Adventures. Nine books contain activities and basic content appropriate for grades K-8 - perfect for multilevel teaching! Complete info and samples.

Wordsmith. Self-directed programs, cover all the basics and forms of good writing for grades 4-10+. Complete info and samples.

Order online at

2. Set Goals and Objectives

Goals help keep your family focused on what is really important, rather than letting the immediate or otherwise good opportunities crowd out the best.

Your Family Mission Statement

Start with a family mission statement, outlining your values, vision, and purpose (see Newsletter #80).  This need not be a long, hard, or complicated procedure.  You can start with God's mission statement for us (Love God and others, Mark 12:29-31) and expand on that.

Setting Goals for Your Home School

Goals form the detailed plan that will enable you to fulfill your mission statement (see Newsletter #81 for more information on goal setting).

You might start by asking, “When our children leave our home to begin their own families . . .”

• “What kind of people do we want them to be?”
• “What values do we want them to embrace?”
• “What knowledge do we want them to possess?”
• “How do we want them to behave?”

Long-range goals for your children's education and training might include the following.

Spiritual Goals
• Knowledge of God and His Word
• Salvation
• Love and obedience to the Lord, spiritual growth
• Love for others resulting in evangelism and service
• Character development and discipline

Academic Goals
• A Christian world view
• A solid foundation in the basics
• An excellent, well-rounded education
• Confidence and independent thinking

Social Goals
• Family unity
• Social skills, good manners
• Life skills: practical preparation for adult life

Set Specific Objectives for Each Child

Now you can break down these general goals into objectives for each child to reach in the coming school year.

Take an inventory of each child's knowledge, skills, aptitudes, interests, learning style, and character in light of your goals for him.  You can do this in several ways.

 •  Informally.  Simply write a few notes from your everyday observations of each child on a notebook page.

 •  Testing.  Use results from standardized tests.

 •  Alpha Omega Publications' free online diagnostic and placement tests.

 •  Scope and sequence.  Check off the skills or knowledge that your child has attained.  Free online: A Beka Books, Bob Jones University Press, World Book, or your state's testing preview site.

The specific objectives you set for each child will take him towards the long-range life goals you have set.

Outstanding Products To Create a Curriculum –
Or To Enhance Your Own Packaged Curriculum

     This is a sample of the many resources that can benefit your family. (Click on number for info.)

1.  How to Get Your Child Off the Refrigerator and on to Learning
2.  Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends
3.  Miller Family Series
4.  Fun Projects for Hands-On Character Building
5.  What Your (First, Second, etc.) Grader Needs To Know
6.  Created for Work: Practical Insights for Young Men
7.  Handwriting by George
8.  Mary Pride's Complete Guide to Getting Started in Homeschooling
9.  Lessons in Responsibility for Boys  /  See more at:

Birch Court Books
Free Media Mail Shipping with $20 Purchase  Free catalog.  800-655-1811
N7137 County Hwy. C, Seymour WI 54165

3. Set Up Class Arrangements
    for Highest Efficiency

Teaching several of your children together with the same material at the same time can be the most efficient use of your time and effort.

There are many possible variations and combinations of multilevel teaching techniques that can work for any home-school family.  Consider the following.

Separate Classes

 •  For basic skills such as reading, handwriting, and math during the early grades.

 •  For a student who needs individual attention.

 •  For an older student who can work independently.

Combined Classes

 •  For geography, history, science, literature, and Bible.

 •  A large family, with a wide range of ages, could have two group classes, an older and a younger.

Present lessons in an amplified manner with explanations and extra resources that enable all children to understand.

Combined Classes and Subjects

 •  For most of your subjects, using unit studies that integrate literature, history, science, Bible, and other subjects around a theme.

Your Success Is Our Goal!
Over 25 years experience serving homeschool families.

Bible Based Curriculum
Full Service Homeschool Program –
with Personal Academic Assistance

Easy To Use
   for Parents and Students
Effective for all Ability Levels
Diagnostic Placement
Individualized Curriculum
Record Keeping Service
Reasonable Rates
Accredited Diplomas

Basic Christian Education
7511 Palestine-Union City Rd., Greenville OH 45331
Toll Free: 866-567-2446
Call for a Free Catalog or Visit Our Website Today!

4. Select and Assemble
    Your Curriculum

There truly is not only one right way to home school or one best curriculum for everyone.

One of the advantages of home education is its great flexibility.  There are many excellent educational methods and materials from which each family can choose to meet their needs and preferences.

Whatever your situation, there are multiple solutions that can make home schooling a blessing to your family.

How you use your curriculum can be as important as which curriculum you choose.  A wonderful curriculum that stays on your shelf will do your family no good.  On the other hand, a simple, basic curriculum used conscientiously along with reading, enriching experiences, and normal daily living can produce an excellent education.

 •  Consider using elements from a variety of approaches including traditional textbooks, worktexts, the classical approach, the principle approach, unit studies, books, and life experiences (see Newsletter #82).

 •  Consider using a variety of media to add interest and motivation for all your children, and at the same time enhance each child’s learning according to his preferred learning style.  Include books, printed materials, videos and DVDs, supervised Internet studies, computer software, educational games, tools and manipulatives.

 •  Buy or borrow any materials needed in addition to what you already have (see The Teaching Home's Resource Directory.)

Do Not Be Overwhelmed

Don’t worry about making a “huge mistake.”  You can give your children a good education with practically any curriculum, and you will learn what works for your family by experience.

Do not become overwhelmed by the many choices available to home educators.  Instead, approach them like a smorgasbord and choose what looks good to meet the goals of your family.  Rely on the Lord’s promised wisdom and strength.

“If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God,
     who gives to all generously and without reproach,
and it will be given to him.” (James 1:5-6a)

“Therefore let us draw near with confidence
     to the throne of grace,
so that we may receive mercy
     and find grace to help in time of need.”
(Hebrews 4:16)

We need your help!

Please help us make this newsletter better by letting us know what we are doing correctly, where we need to improve, and topics you would like addressed.

E-mail us today!


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