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Energize Yourself
for Teaching This Fall

How To Energize Yourself
for Teaching This Fall

Dear Home-School Friend,

     Would you like to launch into your teaching this fall revitalized and excited and find your teaching easier, more fun, and more enriching?
     May I suggest that you read through The Teaching Home Back Issues this summer.
     Discover the many benefits you will have at your disposal:
  • Solid foundational and practical how-tos for all areas of academic and character training.
  • Fresh, innovative, ready-to-use teaching tips, including some you can use for summer activities and learning.
  • Inspiration and encouragement for teaching and training your precious children.
  •      You can equip yourself for your calling as a parent/teacher and gain confidence as you plan and prepare to teach this fall.
         The Teaching Home Back Issues never go out of date. They are timeless classics, always applicable to your needs today.

         Kimberly M. from West Virginia states what we have heard from so many, “Your magazine is so uplifting. I devour it the same day it comes; then I read it over and over.”

         Below are some amazing facts and features about these Back Issues, along with just a few of the many letters our readers have written about them. We also have several free offers for you, so please read on.
         May the Lord bless you and your family. “Showing to (your children) the praises of the Lord, and His strength, and His wonderful works that He hath done” (Psalm 78:4).

    Pat and Sue Welch, publishers

    Invite a Few (or 2,255) Home Schoolers
    To Your Home for a Chat This Summer

         How would you like to visit with fellow home educators from all over the world?
  • To gain support and encouragement from the wisdom and valuable advice they have gained through their own experiences.
  • To hear them share solutions to struggles that have worked for them, similar to your own.
  •      The Teaching Home is written “for home schoolers by home schoolers” — many of them!
         When I asked my assistant editor to count the number of home schoolers who had contributed to our last 39 Back Issues, I was surprised to find there were a total of 2,255. That is an average of 58 in each issue.
         These writers make up a large cross-section of the worldwide home-school community and furnish rich perspectives on a variety of topics. They provide the real-life, rubber-meets-the-road content of The Teaching Home magazine.

         Kathy R. of Arizona writes, “I just finished reading the Jan./Feb. ‘98 issue of The Teaching Home and the Special Section on Teaching Bible.
         “Wow! What a fabulous resource this issue is. I found page after page of practical and very useful ideas, advice, and encouragement.
         “Thank you for compiling what I feel is the best issue yet. We need the support of other dedicated Christian parents, and I hope your contributors realize how much we as readers appreciate the articles they share with us through your exceptional magazine.”

    What Will You Find in Each Issue?

         Each Back Issue is packed with the following regular features. A wide range of teaching methods and materials are represented throughout.

  • Special Section
    Practical how-to articles give you in-depth information and instruction on a specific topic directly related to Christian home education.
  • Teaching Tips
    Innovative, ready-to-use ideas add sparkle and interest to a variety of subjects for all ages.
  • Our Readers Write
    Our readers’ favorite! Letters from our readers reveal the ups and downs of real home-school families to encourage you that you can do it too.
  • News
    News from across the country and around the world connects you with the home-school community at large.
  • Columns
    Columns offer specialized help, such as teaching teens, using the computer, and running a support group.
  • Sunny Side Up
    Another favorite. Lighten up and see a child's perspective through humorous anecdotes of home-school family life.
  • Advertisements
    Up to 90 ads furnish a virtual resource directory in each issue. Be sure to check the Resources Section on our website for these home-school suppliers’ current information and links.

  • Build a Reference Library

         Each issue of The Teaching Home contains more material than you can absorb and use immediately. However, you can get the complete value of all these Back Issues by building a Reference Library you can refer to throughout your home-school career.
         Our “Full Set" of 39 Back Issues contains approximately 1,500 large-format pages of editorial copy — several books’ worth of home-school teacher training materials.

         Meredith C. of Florida comments, “The Teaching Home has been a part of my continuing education since I started home schooling, and I have kept every issue. I often go back to old issues to find creative, helpful hints or inspiration.”

         We offer you the following two free helps in setting up and organizing your own Teaching Home Reference Library.

    Free Magazine Holders

         With each set of Back Issues, we'll send you 3-hole-punched, plastic magazine holders. You can slip your magazine into the slot and clip the holder into a 3-ring notebook.
         Your magazines will open flat so you can read them easily.
         Your notebooks will keep these valuable reference materials from becoming messed up and will keep them all together in one place.

    Free Online Topical Index (1994-present)

         We have prepared an online Topical Index of our last 39 issues, so you can quickly put your finger on the articles you need.
         You can print this index and add it to your notebook.
         Order Teaching Home Back Issues Online (While Limited Supplies Are Still Available)
         We have kept Back Issues in stock because of their valuable and timeless content. However, our current supply is limited and will soon be gone. Order now to avoid disappointment. All sets are available on a first-come basis only.
         Choose the option below that best completes your Teaching Home Resource Library.

         Karen B. of Missouri shares, “I cannot tell you how far I have come as a result of the encouragement I have received from the letters from other readers and the great articles in The Teaching Home magazine.
         “I have gone from surviving to thriving — enduring to enjoying.”

         Nancy W. of Alberta, Canada, is typical of many Teaching Home readers in her appreciation of the letters we print. “The Teaching Home has carried many excellent articles, but the most life-changing part has been other readers’ letters. It is amazing that so many others struggle in such similar ways as I do.”

         Rhonda E. of North Carolina is one reader who has saved her back issues. “The Teaching Home has truly been inspiring to me over the years. I think I've been getting it since I started home schooling back in 1987. It has been worth far more than the amount I've paid for subscriptions. "I'll always treasure my past issues.”

    Send a Gift to a Friend
         You can also order Back Issues and/or a Subscription for a friend online and send an attractive gift card by e-mail.

         Betty W. of North Carolina has added action to her concern for new home schoolers in this way. “I tell everyone who asks me about how to start home schooling, ‘First get a subscription to The Teaching Home.’
         “This time instead of just recommending The Teaching Home, I am sending a gift subscription to my niece.”

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    Get More Mileage from Your Back Issues
         Here are some more ideas that will help you get the most out of your Back Issues:
  • Save your Back Issues with articles on high schoolers for when your 1st grader grows up.
  • Save issues with articles on babies through kindergarten for your grandchildren.
  • Loan a Back Issue to a friend to answer her questions that are outside of your experience or time limits to help.

  •      Donna H. of Oklahoma explains how she uses Back Issues. “This is our 14th year of home schooling, and we have received and enjoyed The Teaching Home through those years. "When we have finished each issue, I file it, then loan past issues to families who need information on specific topics. Many times I have looked up previous issues to help my own family home school.”

    Order with Ease & Confidence
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         Our Guarantee to You. After you have received your Back Issue order, if for any reason you are not completely satisfied, return it to us and receive a prompt and courteous refund.

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