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Upcoming Issues, Topics, and Features --
     and How You Can Contribute Articles

     We plan to continue the same mix of features in The Teaching
Home that we have had for 20 years.  These reader-contributed
ideas and articles offer a variety of information, inspiration,
and encouragement based on the experience of real home educators.
     No single method of home education is advocated in The
Teaching Home to the exclusion of others.  We do not believe that
there is only one right way for all families to home school.
Instead our authors share practical advice for using or combining
many different styles, methods, and materials for teaching.

You Are Invited To Contribute
     The Teaching Home is written for home schoolers by home
schoolers.  An average of 58 home schoolers have contributed to
each of our past issues!
     All members of the home-school community are invited
to contribute to The Teaching Home, including:

 •  Home-School Families: Fathers, Mothers, Students, and
 •  National, State, Regional, and Local Home-School
 •  Home-School Speakers and Pastors
 •  Home-School Publishers and Suppliers

Regular Features
     Following are seven regular features that will be included
in each issue and how you can contribute to that section.

1.  Special Section
     "Your On-Going Teacher's Manual"
     This is the largest section of each issue, offering
practical how-to articles with in-depth information and
instruction on one specific topic directly related to Christian
home education.
     The Special Sections we have planned at this time are as

September/October 2005

100 Best Teaching Tips
     We will print the best practical, ready-to-use ideas for
teaching we receive, and organize them by topics.  For this
issue, we will limit these to teaching academics.
     How To Contribute.  The writing style should be
informational and from your own experience.  You may contribute
as many tips as you want.  Please limit each tip to 60-300 words.
Also see "General Guidelines for Writing" below.
(Deadline: August 5)

November/December 2005

5 Elements of Home Education Part 1: Spiritual
     This section will include such topics as spiritual training,
salvation, Bible study and memory, teaching your child to pray,
church involvement, evangelism, missions, character development,
establishing good habits, and discipline.
     How To Contribute.  Please write on one (or more) of the
specific topics above, rather than the whole subject area.  The
writing style should be informational with practical examples.
Also see "General Guidelines for Writing" below.
(Deadline: August 25)

January/February 2006

5 Elements of Home Education Part 2: Academics
     This section will include a survey of academic courses to be
taught (scope and sequence); different methods of teaching and
learning; scheduling by year and age; goals; and lesson planning.
     How To Contribute.  Please write on one (or more) of the
specific topics above, rather than the whole subject area.  The
writing style should be informational with practical examples.
Also see "General Guidelines for Writing" below.
(Deadline: September 1)

March/April 2006

5 Elements of Home Education Part 3: Resources
     This section will include a resource directory of the best
curriculum resources for Christian home educators; information
about the people who have produced these resources, their
vision, and how and why they began their business.  Also included
will be articles on characteristics of various educational
approaches and how to use them with different subjects, children,
and levels, as well as how to combine them.
     How To Contribute.  Most of this issue will be written by
our staff, but we invite you to write short (100-300 word)
reports of how you have used certain types of resources (not the
specific brand name) and the benefits you have observed.  Also
see "General Guidelines for Writing."
(Deadline:  November 1)

May/June 2006

5 Elements of Home Education Part 4: Social
     This section will include such topics as socialization
myths, manners and etiquette, hospitality, friendship, and family
     How To Contribute.  Please write on one (or more) of the
specific topics above, rather than the whole subject area.  The
writing style should be informational with practical examples.
Also see "General Guidelines for Writing" below.
(Deadline: January 1)

July/August 2006

5 Elements of Home Education Part 5: Physical
     This section will include such topics as life skills, chores
and home upkeep, organization and time management, health and
hygiene, physical education, and ergonomics.
     How To Contribute.  Please write on one (or more) of the
specific topics above, rather than the whole subject area.  The
writing style should be informational with practical examples.
Also see "General Guidelines for Writing" below.
(Deadline: March 1)

2.  Letters from Our Readers
     "The Heart of Home Schoolers"
     Thoughts, struggles, and victories with which readers can
identify are revealed in these letters from other home schoolers.
They bring inspiration and encouragement to our readers -- no
wonder this is a favorite feature!
     How To Contribute.   The writing style for letters should be
warm, informal, candid, personal, and encouraging.  Also see
"General Guidelines for Writing" below.

3.  Teaching Tips
     "Ready-To-Use Ideas"
     Practical, innovative ideas for teaching a variety of
subjects for all ages.
     How To Contribute.  Describe a method or technique that has
worked well for you in teaching a specific subject/topic or a
certain age/grade.  The writing style for teaching tips should be
informational and succinct (to-the-point; not unnecessarily
wordy).  Resources or website links for more information may be
included.  Also see "General Guidelines for Writing" below.

4.  Columns and News
     "Connect with the Home-School Community"
     We invite input from all sections of the home-school
community (see list above).  Columns provide an "open microphone"
to address various topics of concern to the Christian home-school
community as well as viewpoints and opinions.  Specialized
information on a subject of the writer's expertise is welcomed.
     How To Contribute.  Submissions should present a single
well-developed theme or idea and be limited to 1,200 - 1,800
words.  Also see "General Guidelines for Writing" below.

5.  Sunnyside Up
     "A Short Walk on the Sunny Side of the Street"
     Humorous anecdotes of home-school family life allow us
to laugh, gain insight into a child's world, and adjust our
perspective to include the light-hearted enjoyment that
accompanies our calling.
     How To Contribute.  Submissions should be short and from
your own family's experience.  Because humor is very subjective,
we run each submission past several people to choose a variety
of the funniest ones.  We also steer away from anything that some
could view as disrespectful, sacrilegious, or indiscreet.  Also
see "General Guidelines for Writing" below.

6.  Cover Photos and Family Stories
     "Not Perfect -- But Good Examples!"
     We have chosen to picture a family on each cover of The
Teaching Home to honor the central place of the family unit in
home education.
     And, no, we don't look for perfect families.  In fact, we
believe that the covers would have to go blank if we asked for
families to volunteer to fill that order.
     However, there are thousands of admirable home-school
families around the world.  We would like you to meet a few!
     How To Contribute.  Cover stories include two parts, the
family portrait (photo) and the family story.
     Photo.  A professional-quality photo in an e-mail
transportable file is necessary.  The composition of the photo
needs to be pleasing when cropped to a square.  Family members
should be dressed nicely and modestly.  (This is not photo
journalism showing kids in pajamas around a messy table, etc.
Cover families are "going visiting" into 100,000 homes around
the globe, so they should look like it.  They are also
representing Christians and home education to many skeptical
relatives and government officials.)
     Story.  Family stories may include some of the following:
how and why you started home schooling, different types of
materials and methods you have used, experiences of your family,
benefits observed, problems encountered and how you have or are
working through them, a testimony to the place the Lord holds in
your life, family, or home school, and what you have learned that
you would like to pass on to others.
     Yes, this could end up book length, but we can only print
about 1,200 words.  (Go ahead and write the books for your
family!)  Also see "General Guidelines for Writing" below.

7.  Advertisements
     "A Virtual Resource Directory in Each Issue"
     Our advertisers provide support for The Teaching Home,
enabling us to offer you subscriptions at half the price that we
would otherwise need to charge.
     Our advertisers also provide excellent educational materials
for all subject areas to help you teach your children.  We are
very selective in accepting advertising because we view this as
an important and practical way that we can provide information
and recommend resources to our readers.
     We subscribe to The Evangelical Press Association's ethics
guideline: "Products and style of presentation in advertisements
should not conflict with a periodical's Christian commitment."

General Guidelines for Writing
 •  All material should be directly applicable to home education
     and be consistent with Scripture and with The Teaching
     Home's purpose, which is to provide information,
     inspiration, and support from a Christian perspective to
     home-school families.
 •  The more practical your writing, the more useful it will be
     to others.  Principles combined with personal examples are
     very helpful to our readers.
 •  Please check your manuscript before sending it and remove
     excess wordiness or redundancy.
 •  We do not print material (or advertising) that disparages or
     tears down one method or type of material in order to build
     up another.  Each method needs to stand on its own worth.
     Respect for different materials and methods is encouraged,
     both because of our belief in their value and for the spirit
     of Christian brotherhood.
 •  All articles must be generic, free from commercial reference.
 •  Our editors will edit submissions as necessary to fit our
     content and space needs.  Any significant changes will be
     forwarded to the writers for approval before publication.

 •  Please indicate how you would like your by-line to read:
     e.g.: Ann Prichard, Wyoming; Ann P., Wyoming; or A.P.,
 •  If you represent a business or organization directly related
     to home education or to the information you are supplying,
     you may add that name:
     e.g.: Dennis Haislip, Homeschool Enterprises.

 •  When submitting material, please let us know if it has been
     printed previously (and when and where) or if you have also
     submitted it to another publication.
 •  Articles from your support group's newsletter may be
     submitted if they give permission for us to reprint. We will
     include a credit line.
     E.g.: by Lora Meier, excerpted from The Homeschooling
     Newsletter, reprinted by permission.

Methods of Submission
 •  Our preferred method of accepting material is by e-mail in
     plain text (not an attachment) to  This saves our staff the time
     it would take to retype your contribution and facilitates
     forwarding it to editors and proofreaders.
 •  If you do mail your submission, please type it double-spaced
     or write clearly, leaving room for editor's marks. The
     Teaching Home, Box 20219, Portland OR 97294

 •  Articles for specific Special Sections should be received by
     the following deadlines.  (The sooner material is received,
     the more likely it can be used.)
 •  For regular features, material will be considered for the
     next issue that has available space.

     September/October 2005 Deadline: August 5
     November/December 2005 Deadline:  August 25
     January/February 2006 Deadline:  September 15
     March/April 2006 Deadline:  November 1
     May/June 2006 Deadline:  January 1
     July/August 2006 Deadline:  March 1

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